Our Church History

Hornsbyville Baptist Church began as a mission in 1966 under the sponsorship of Seaford Baptist Church. It is located at 907 Hornsbyville Road.

The property where the church sits was purchased in 1878. The first church to use the building was Grafton Baptist church. In 1945, Yorktown Baptist got its start when part of the congregation decided a church was needed in Yorktown. Rev. Claud Barkley was pastor of both churches. In 1962 Grafton Baptist moved to its present location on Rt. 17. In June of 1962, a request was granted for Seaford Baptist church to move into the church in Hornsbyville. They stayed until 1965 when they moved to their present location in Seaford.

From May 1966 until August 1969, Seaford Baptist sponsored the mission. It would later be sponsored by Immanuel Baptist church. The first pastor was Olin Yeats. Other pastors during the time it was a mission included Dr. Herman T. Stevens, Dr. Ray Thomas, James "Red" Nicholson, Rev. Bill Brogden, Rev. Marion Dubose, Rev. Norman Blythe, Rev. Ron Cava, and Johnathan Bennett.

In 1986 a major renovation of the church sanctuary took place.

On April 9, 1989, under the leadership of Rev. Claud Barkley, the mission constituted as a church. Since becoming a church, several pastors have served. They include Rev. Claud Barkley, Rev. Hughey Rushing, Grant Russell, James "Red" Nicholson, Rev. Freddie Marks, Dr. George Barnes, and Rev. Robert "Bobby" Yevak, and Rev. Ron Holland. Pastor Charles Jones is the current pastor.

Through the years, the Women's Missionary Union has led the church in missions involvement here on the Peninsula and all around the world. Hornsbyville is truly a church with a heart for missions. We are one of the Peninsula Baptist Association's top givers per capita each year.

The church meets for Sunday School and Worship Service on Sunday mornings and Family Bible Study, Prayer, and Wednesday Night Kids on Wednesday nights.