Hornsbyville Baptist Church History

Hornsbyville Baptist Church began as a mission in 1966 under the sponsorship of Seaford Baptist Church. However, the history of the church building goes back much further than that.

On September 5, 1878, one half acre of land was obtained from Peter Foershing for the purpose of erecting a church building. The land was purchased for the sum of $10.00. The church united with the Dover Association. There were eleven members, all male. The church was called Grafton Baptist Church. Grafton Baptist was the first of several churches to use the church building.

In 1945, Yorktown Baptist got its start when part of the congregation decided a church was needed in Yorktown. Rev. Claud Barkley was pastor of both churches.

In 1962 Grafton Baptist moved to its present location at the corner of Rt. 17 and Dare Rd.

In June of 1962, a request was granted for Seaford Baptist Church to move into the church in Hornsbyville. They stayed until 1965 when they moved to their present location in Seaford.

From May 1966 until August 1969, Seaford Baptist sponsored Hornsbyville Mission. It would later be sponsored by Immanuel Baptist Church.

In August of 1969 the church name was Fox Memorial Baptist Mission. In July 1970 the name was changed back to Hornsbyville Baptist Mission

On April 9, 1989, under the leadership of Rev. Claud Barkley the mission constituted as a church.

Now that you know a little about us, you might be interested in our statement of faith!

Our Beliefs
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